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NCEA External Exams

NCEA External Exams

NCEA exams: Monday 7th November 2022 - Friday 2nd December 2022

Information about the External exams can be found on the NZQA Website

Exam Admission Slips (These will be given to students in Term 4)
  • Please ensure that you bring your admission slip to the exam
  • Do not write on the admission slip.
  • If you forget your admission slip you can get a replacement from the wharekai prior to your exam or print one from the NZQA website.
  • Leave your phone in your bag and turned off.
  • If you are sick and unable to attend the exam you must contact your Dean and get a Derived Grade form.  This form must be taken to the doctor to complete. A medical certificate is not acceptable.

NZQA Payment - As of 2019 there is no longer a fee to enter NZQA exams.

Preparing for Exams (Things to do now!)

  • Know when your exams are.  Check the 2022 Timetable and know when you exams are.
  • Make use of the NZQA Subject Resources  to help you with your study.  These include - Exam Specifications / Past Exam Papers / Exemplars of past answers.
  • Clearly understand the Examination Rules


Leading up to the Exams (Hints and Tips have been provided by Auckland University Starpath Programme) 

  •  Ask yor teachers for advice on what and how to study for my subjects.
  • Stick to a planned study timetable with all commitments scheduled (school, sports, church, job).
  •  Use for study and exam advice and support from tutors in subject areas like English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science and Earth and Space Science. This is a free service for NCEA students.
  • Have a quiet place at home where you can work, away from distractions like family, friends, technology…
  •  Study in chunks of time – 1 hour blocks.
  • Take breaks – 10 mins for each 1 hour of study.
  • Think about food and drink – do I have these in my breaks or while I am studying?
  • Limit socialising and time on devices – plan to use social media or phone my friends in study breaks.
  •  If you have an after school job you may need to cut down your hours/take time off during the weeks of the exams. It’s only for a short period of time – study needs to come first.


Websites that offer a range of resources that maybe helpful


On the Day of the Exam

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Have a decent breakfast.
  • Arrive at school at the correct time for my exam (morning 9am, afternoon 1.30pm).
  • Take my examination entry slip – with my name and NSN details on.
  • Have my equipment ready – including spare pens, calculator if needed, ruler etc., in a clear plastic bag.
  • Go to the bathroom before entering the exam room.
  • Don’t worry about what I have done in revision time.

 In the Exam Room

  • Ask the supervisor for help if I need it.
  • Ask for extra paper if I need it.
  • Use the clock in the room to time my answers. Stop when my allocated time for each answer is finished.
  • Stay for the whole three hours.
  • Write in blue pen only in the exam booklets (do not use twink or pencil).
  • Make sure I am comfortable – not cold, not hot, my desk isn’t wobbly, go to the bathroom if I need to.
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing – concentrate on my own answers.
  • Read all instructions on the front cover and inside the booklets before answering each question.
  • Use the exam papers to help me – pay attention to the words in bold in each question.
  • If I feel unwell, tell the supervisor.

After the Exam

  • Don’t worry about my answers or spend a lot of time with my friends analysing what I did or didn’t do in the exam. 
  • Relax!
  • Forget about this exam and concentrate on the next one. 

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