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Senior Exam Week (Derived Grade Exams)

12 September 2022 - 19 September 2022

Purpose of Derived Grade Exams:

  • Allow students to sit an exam that will be similar to those they will do at the end of the year.  They are conducted under similar conditions to the NCEA External exams at the end of the year.
  • Results can be used to provide evidence if exams are interrupted at the end of the year. 

General Information:

  • Derived Grade Exams this year are being held over 5 days starting on Monday 12 September and finishing on Friday 19 September.
  • All courses that have external exams will have a derived grade exam, courses with no external exams will have an internal assessment or workshop. 
  • During this time senior students are only expected at school if they have an Exam / Assessment.  At other times they are expected to be studying at home, or in the supervised study room at school. Please note that if students are coming into school to study they must make sure that they sign in to the study room.
  • Students need to arrive at school at least 20 minutes before each assessment is scheduled to start. Students will be allowed to leave exams in the hall after the first 45 minutes.  Students will not be able to leave in the last 45 minutes of the exam. Students are expected to stay in workshops for the allocated time.
  • The Curriculum Support room will also be available for senior students to study in during the day.  
  • Senior Students coming into school during the assessment time must be wearing full school uniform. 

Timetable:    Senior Exam Week Timetable

Individual Student timetables have been given to students. Please check with subject teachers about individual exam requirements. For students who have a clash, a different exam time has been allocated on their exam timetable.  Students must follow their individual exam timetable.

Examination Rules / Procedures: 

The following are the Exam Rules for Students at Onehunga High School.  OHS will investigate any reported possible breach of the rules.  Student could not be awarded a grade if a rule is broken.



  • Follow all instructions of any supervisor
  • All work you hand in for marking must be your own
  • You may only have an approved calculator in the exam room
  •  In Non-Digital exams, you are not allowed to have an electronic device (including all watches) unless it is switched off and inside your bag. In Digital Exams the only electronic device allowed is a Chromebook or Laptop.
    • An electronic device* unless it is switched off and inside your clear plastic bag/pencil case.
    • If candidates bring a watch into any examination it must be contained in their emergency evacuation pack and placed under their chair. Situations in which candidates fail to do this will be treated as a possible breach of examination rules. Digital watches have transmitting functions and may send and receive emails. They can also be used to store information and linked to hearing devices. The decision not to allow candidates to have access to watches in exam rooms has arisen because many digital watches resemble traditional analogue watches, and supervisors do not have time to determine, at the start of an examination, what type of watch is being worn.

In an exam you are not allowed to:

  • Talk to, communicate with or disturb other students
  • Copy other students’ work
  • Communicate with the marker of your exam, including writing or drawing anything that could be viewed as offensive
  • Touch or open your bag without the permission of a supervisor



  • Examination Admission Slip 
  • A see-through pencil case or a clear plastic bag to hold your pens and pencils, including coloured, to use if needed
  • Blue or black pens.  Answers in red pen will not be marked.  Answers in pencil or erasable pen will be marked, but will not be accepted for reconsideration or review.
  • DIGITAL EXAMS ONLY – Your Chromebook or Laptop.  Make sure that you charge your device the night before as you won’t be able to charge your device in the exam.
  • An approved calculator
  • Your bag.  Bags must be put in the specified location under the direction of the exam supervisor.



  • Correcting fluid
  • Any electronic device* unless it is switched off and inside your clear plastic bag/pencil case.


You must only write your exam answers within the OHS answer booklets or the extra paper given to you by a supervisor.

 *An electronic device includes any device which has the capability to store, communicate and/or retrieve information.

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