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Head of Code: Mr Coombes

Football has been a popular sport amongst both boys and girls for a number of decades at Onehunga High School.  1st XI teams have represented the school at the highest level during the school's history.  Onehunga High School has a relationship with both the Auckland City Football Club and Onehunga Mangere United.  A number of students have gone on to play for both clubs as the highest level following their time at school.


2023 Team Details

Team 1st XI Boys  15th Grade Boys 13th Grade Boys   1st XI Girls  2nd XI Girls
Coach  Mr Gallardo

 Ken Pettigrew

Mr Coombes George Woodward & Mr Jacobsen Anthony Thrush
Manager     Mr Woodward  Mr Jacobsen   Mr Loveridge

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Saturday morning

Saturday morning 


  Wednesday afternoon

 Wednesday afternoon 

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Time 7:00am - 8:30am     7:00am - 8:30am   3:30-5:00pm   3:30-5:00pm
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