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Onehunga High School has a rich tradition of sporting achievement and participation across a number of sports in Auckland, regional and national competitions.  Every student at Onehunga High School has the opportunity to get involved in one or more of the many sports offered. These include summer and winter sports, and both individual and team sports. Sport can help students develop skills such as leadership, discipline, team work and commitment.  In addition to the formal inter-school competitions that teams compete in the school offers in-school sporting events such as cross country and athletics days and inter-class lunchtime sports.  Social sport competitions outside of school hours are also a way for students to involve themselves in non-competitive sport. 



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Winter Codes:





Co-curricular Fee: 

2019 Fee as follows:

Term 1 & 4 Summer Sports $50

Term 2 & 3 Winter Sports $80

Students may play as many sports as they want for $80.00 per year.  If a student plays a summer sport then a winter sport they simply need to top up their payment by $30 to reach $80. Winter sports that only run for one term are charged $50.



Students are expected to behave appropriately at ALL times when participating in co-curricular activity. Students are representing the school and are expected to wear the uniform and school badge with pride.



Students will need to complete and sign a consent form and a sports contract to be able to participate in co-curricular activities. This will also need to be taken home and signed by a parent / caregiver. This will provide the school with important contact details and any necessary medical information.



If students are using their own car (and have the appropriate license) to get to and from co-curricular activities, they must have the permission of a parent / caregiver, and do so at their own risk.   Even if a student has a full license they will not be allowed to transport other students to and from the activities unless prior arrangements are made with the Sports Director. 



The Sports Department will provide uniforms for most sports – however students may need to wear PE uniform for some events and competitions. Items including red school socks, black shorts / skirts and mouth-guards may also need to be purchased in order to participate. These can be purchased from Mr Coombes in the sports Office.


Coaching / Managing:

If you, or any other community member you know, would like to get involved as a coach, manager or official, please see or contact the Sports Office for more information.


School attendance:

Sport is a vital part of school life at Onehunga High School, however all students who are involved in sport at school are expected to maintain a high standard of behaviour and attendance at school.

 If students have not attended at least 85% of all their classes (including Tutor Time), then they will be stood down from sport until they have rectified the issue.  Classroom attendance is very important to the Sports Department and we believe that all sports students should have a good balance between sports and their academic programme.

 If a student is absent from classes on a game day they are not allowed to play sport that day, unless they have contacted the Sports Department and given an acceptable reason.


Non-payment of Co-Curricular (Sports) Fee:

Students who have not paid their sports fee will not represent Onehunga High School in sport until they have done so.  The payment can be a one off payment of $50/80, or you can set up an Automatic Payment to pay the fee at a pace that is manageable.  We allow students to play if a payment plan is in place.  Click here for more information about making payments.

We are motivated to reduce the problems that occur with unpaid fees and this will help the Sports Department run more smoothly.  Also there are some other advantages of paying this fee, as students must clear their fees to be able to go on trips or events such as the school ball, sports awards and leavers’ dinner.

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