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Junior Emerging Talent Squad (J.E.T.S)

Junior Emerging Talent Squad (J.E.T.S)

About Our J.E.T.S Programme

The OHS J.E.T.S programme was established in 2020.  The aim of the programme is to help raise the level of sporting performance within the school through the provision of high quality training environments for Year 9 and Year 10 students.

J.E.T.S will give us the ability to improve the skill levels of players at a junior level so that by the time they reach senior teams they will be significantly advanced.  Students in this programme will be pushed to be fitter, better prepared and disciplined in their health and physical fitness to perform at their best.

In 2023, this programme is focused on our Year 9 and 10 students who participate in basketball, football, rugby, netball and volleyball.

Based on current numbers we envisage that a total of 100-120 students will be involved each year.

The JETS programme is designed to provide extra development opportunities for committed junior sportsmen and women.  These squads train in the mornings at school during terms 1-2 in the following codes:

J.E.T.S Squads for 2023

·       Rugby (boys and girls)

·       Basketball (boys and girls)

·       Football (boys and girls)

·       Netball (girls)

·       Volleyball (boys and girls).  

Our Vision

·       To develop the individual, and the squads, with the skills, discipline, knowledge and attitude to succeed in all competitions.

·       To develop and produce well-rounded athletes who have a holistic approach and appreciation of sport and academic life.

·       To develop the student’s love of sport and bring a competitive edge to the programme.  This will create the passion and commitment that is needed to be selected for the premier team of their chosen sport at Onehunga High School. 

·       To improve our premier sports teams through the development of quality athletes from the J.E.T.S programme.

·       To promote our school within the community as a quality sporting destination.


The OHS J.E.T.S programme will improve the quality of engagement and set expectations that are clear. A culture of excellence will be created and athletes will strive to be the best that they can be. In addition to this, we aim to foster a culture of enjoyment within the squads where a love of sports is developed.

Core Values & Standards

The value of sport is a crucial part in developing and adding to a school’s culture. The school values are the key to building a successful sports programme.

●       Students understand that they have been selected and that it is a privilege to be in the programme and not a right.

●       Each student will sign a contract.

●       There will be an expectation for high levels of attendance.  Non-attendance must be communicated to the J.E.T.S coach.

●       Correct J.E.T.S uniform will always be worn.

●       Each student represents OHS in their chosen sport.

●       The OHS Values - LAC, Trust, Respect, Integrity - will guide, and are evident, in the behaviour of every student.

Theory & Practical Sessions

Students will keep training diaries and will set “Dream Goals’ as well as short term and long term goals.

Every athlete will be involved in goal setting sessions along with other athlete development activities.

The majority of the sessions for each of the squads will be on the field/court. These will be sport specific and will include the following:

●       Technical Training

●       Tactical Training

●       Small sided games

●       Fitness and conditioning

●       Game play

We are aware of the issues of over-training students at this age. Teachers-in-charge and the J.E.T.S director will work with individuals to ensure that this does not occur.

Every student will be involved in theory sessions around the following topics:

●       Performance development

●       Team culture and leadersh

●       Injury prevention

●       Sports psychology

●       Goal setting

●       Nutrition

●       Well-being

The squads are coached by teachers who are all involved in coaching senior teams in the regular sporting programme at the school.  Places are offered for JETS through a trial process at the end of term 4 and early term 1.

For further information, please contact Chad Coombes, Director of Sport.

[email protected]


Onehunga High School would like to thank the following companies for their sponsorship of this progamme. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Ray White – Rohan Thompson

Marin Construction – Craig Blaikie

G.J Gardner – Debbie Van Leeuwen



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