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OHS Redevelopment Project


In September 2018, the Prime Minister announced funding of approx $30 million to redevelop a significant part of Onehunga High School.

The project includes developing  -

  • New Gymnasium
  • New Library space
  • 18 new Classroom spaces
  • Development of 2 new Central Auckland Special School classrooms in the central part of the school.

The following companies are currently working with the school on the development:

Architects Project Management Oversight Construction



As we have been planning our new buildings, there are several special items that we would like to include in the redevelopment that fall outside of the normal Ministry of Education or school funding streams.  These items will support making the redevelopment and facilities the highest quality possible for students and staff to learn in. 

We would like to acknowledge those people who have generously donated towards the funding of these items. 


If you would like more information about supporting the redevelopment project it can be found at the following link.




Check out our time-lapse cameras to see the progress that has been made!




Get a feel of how our blocks are going to look in 3D.  Follow the links below to see a fly-through of our new buildings.

Teaching Block Gym




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