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Date: 24 March 2020

Kia ora Parents and Guardians,


This email is to update you on the plans that we have in place to support your child’s learning from home while the country goes into isolation.   


School Holidays - 30 March – 14 April:

The Ministry of Education has advised that the school holidays have been moved forward, so the first day of the term break is Monday 30 March and final day of term break is Tuesday 14 April.   We encourage all students to ensure that they give themselves the opportunity to relax and have a break during this time.    Term 2 officially starts on Wednesday 15 April.


Teaching and Learning Programmes during the Isolation Period:

Teachers will be working to ensure that each student progresses in their learning during the time they are in isolation.   Teachers will be communicating with students via the internet on Google Classroom. 


Term One: (24 March – 27 March)

Teachers will be touching base with students between now and Friday, to check in on them, wrap up current work and where appropriate provide any final activities for the term.


Term Two:  (15 April – until end of Isolation Period)

Teachers will be posting activities / resources or checking in with students via google classroom on the days the class would occur.  

• Note some activities may take more than a day to complete.  Activities will have deadlines / checkpoints that students need to meet.

• Teachers may nominate times that they are online so students are able to answer questions / emails straight away.

• Teachers will reply to emails / queries from students within 24 hours.

• Some assessments, if appropriate to be completed on-line will still continue.


Expectations of students during the Isolation Period:

  • Log into their Google Classrooms each day (for the classes that they would usually have on that day) to check the work / feedback that the teacher has posted for them to do.
  • Check their school email everyday and respond as necessary.
  • Set aside time each day to complete the work set by the teachers. 
  • Ask for help from their teachers!

Helping your child at home:

We understand that this is a stressful time for all students and whānau.  We would apprieciate your support in encouraging your child to meet the expectations above.

Some simple things that could help are:

  • Providing a space at home for them to do their school work.
  • Establishing a consistent time/s each day for students to do their school work.
  • Asking your child to show / explain the work they are doing.


We are currently working to identify those students who are unable to access a device such as a chromebook or the internet so that we can make alternative arrangements to provide the work for them.


Accessing other support:  

Although you have to isolate within your home students are able to access health and guidance support if required to help them through this tough time. 

The nurses are available, students can phone or txt them:

Sheryl - 022 4073342 / Nicky - 021 1626787

If students would like to talk to a counsellor they can phone 09-6366006 extension 8050 and leave a message. A counsellor will get back to them. This phone will be answered between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday to Sunday.


Contacting the School:

During the isolation period we will not be able to answer the phones.  We will be checking email – if you have any queries or concerns we can be contacted at The appropriate person will get back to you as soon as possible.


We would like to thank our school community for the understanding and support that they have shown over this time.


Ngā Mihi


Deidre Shea




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