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Posted in General Young Enterprise Awards 2019

Date: 03 November 2019



The Level 3 Business class has been involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme (a high school business competition) this year with 5 business teams successfully completing the year during class time. While the school is based in Central Auckland Young Enterprise asked us to enter our teams in the West Auckland region (as it is a small region and they wanted to boost numbers). We agreed to this and have competed amongst the West Auckland schools.

The West Auckland Regional Awards were held on the evening of 23 October at the B-HIVE at Smales Farm on the North Shore. Two of our teams made the finals.

  1.   CLON, whose team members include Nathan Lee, Clint Amores, Otto Prangtong and Lewis McKnight, spent a lot of time in the classroom watching their Economics and Maths teachers become more and more frustrated attempting to draw straight lines and accurate measurements, CLON created a solution which they named the iRuler. After a long consultation process and many design attempts CLON have successfully produced and started selling the iRuler.
  2.   CYCLE, whose team members include Louana King, Prescilla Pome’e and Esther Kolofua, based their product idea on poverty and the issue of inaccessibility for young women, when trying to access womens’ hygiene products. The main objective of their business was to provide accessible free products with a focus on their own community.

 We are pleased to inform you that CLON won the Excellence in Product Design Award and CYCLE won the Excellence in Sustainability Award. This was a very proud moment for the students, their peers and the school.

Well done CLON and CYCLE!


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