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Date: 30 March 2021



Year 9 Workshops

On Friday 26th March Year 9 students participated in a full day of workshops designed to develop life skills.

The girls’ workshops were facilitated by ‘Enlighten Education’. The four workshops they attended were designed to help the young women to decode the many mixed messages they receive and develop their self-esteem and confidence.

The girls started the day creating their own journals in which they reflected on the positive things in their lives and considered what was really important to them. Subsequent workshops explored friendship, how to manage stress effectively and encouraged students to critically evaluate the media messages they are bombarded with each day.

The boys’ day was organised by Deputy Principal Mr Murray Saunders. Year 9 boys participated in a series of workshops looking at team building, cultural awareness and hauora. 

 The boys began by listening to a speaker from the Parenting Place.  He spoke about the need for students to look after the four areas of personal hauora – physical, mental, social and spiritual.  This was followed by a workshop led by four students from the Samoan cultural group leading the boys in learning the sāsā.  The final session of the afternoon saw the Kaitiaki classes play off against each other in a series of sports.

 The boys are to be congratulated on getting involved and being engaged throughout the afternoon.

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