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Posted in General Year 13 Pitch to Business Leaders

Date: 03 June 2021



Year 13 Pitch to Business Leaders

On Friday 28 May twenty-five Level 3 Business students (Year 13), as part of their business activity, were invited along to AUT to pitch their business ideas to 4 business leaders. This is part of the assessment they need to undertake in Level 3 Business. It is also part of the Young Enterprise competition.

Students were given 5 minutes to pitch their idea, showcase their product and cover basics such as marketing, finance, sales, production, innovation and team work as well as being judged on their ability to communicate their ideas to the judges. The judges then spent 5 minutes questioning the students as well as providing constructive feedback and advice. The groups also presented protypes of their products to be reviewed.

All groups did an amazing job with all students speaking at some time during the pitches. This was not easy for some students given their shyness and of course most students were nervous as well.

The feedback from the judges was ‘positive and definitely useful.’

The students were relieved once it was all over but also very proud of themselves. Ms Aziz and Ms Everett were both very proud too.


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