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Date: 06 July 2020



Year 10 Celebration Assembly

The Year 10 Celebration assembly held last week was a very positive end to what has been a very unusual and at times difficult term.

Despite Covid 19 disrupting school based learning, there was so much to be proud of. Ms Shea, expressed her thanks to and admiration for all the students who had done their very best during this most difficult time. Teachers and students had learnt new skills during lockdown that are enhancing learning now we are back together at school.

We were especially excited to have Kai Kara-France UFC fighter ranked World number 7 Flyweight, address the assembly.

Kai shared his life journey with us and was so inspiring. As a young person he was small and bullied at school. His parents took him to Jiu-Jitsu, hoping that learning martial arts would  help him develop some confidence and self esteem. Kai found something that he loved and was very good at. From the moment of his first fight, he decided that this was something that he wanted to do as a living. The rest of his family were university educated professionals, who expected Kai to follow a similar path and indeed for a short time he did, but his heart just wasn’t in it. Eventually he decided that he had to train and work extremely hard so that he could fight for a living. He spent hours and hours in the gym developing the skills that he needed to be a winner. Everytime he got knocked over he got back up. He demonstrated great resilience and determination to succeed. He overcame every barrier that was in front of him until his dreams came true. His message was clear, never, ever, give up on your dreams. Keep working harder and harder and you can achieve your goals. Those people who bullied him at school, are now among the more than 50,000 fans who follow Kai on social media!

Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who were acknowledged at the assembly.

Ururoatia/ Resilience Awards

Alani Malungahu                                          Ryan Bosson

Paea Funaki                                                Meh Reh

Stella Kiely                                                  Liam Ashby

Mataora Loti-Rapana                                  Pale Purotu

Jeremiah Teua                                            Shanley Tuwhangai

Mark Latu

Bronze Badge Awards

Liam Ashby                                                Mark Latu

Mataora Loti-Rapana                                 Eastah Ponifasio

Ja-qwonn Salatielu                                    Klaice Sifatu

Emma Tafuna Lisi Tamotu

Silver Badge Awards

Renee Huang                                            Kishan Nand

Miitamaine Tuineau                                   Shanley Tuwhangai

Sadie Woodward

This truly was a celebration assembly. Thank you to all Year 10’s who are making the most of the opportunities that there are for you. Special thanks to Year 10 Dean, Ms Bex Muipu for her hard work, enthusiasm and organization, Prefects, Sione Tu’ifua, Christine Anesone and Nico Tuave for being the MC’s for the occasion and to Kai for sharing his inspirational story. 


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