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Date: 08 May 2020



Working From Home

As another week in lockdown draws to a close I hope that you are all well and are using this time in a positive way.

A reminder to all students that you are expected to be accessing your Classroom pages every day for the subjects that you would normally have. Where possible, you should aim to follow your usual timetable. Please email your teachers if you need any help. Teachers are still working and are very happy to hear from you. Ideally, contact them at a time that you would normally see them.

We are monitoring the work that every student is doing and are very happy to report that the vast majority of you are completing the work that is being set by your teachers which is very pleasing indeed. Well done to all of you who are developing such good work habits! This is excellent preparation for life. 

For those of you who may have got behind with the assigned work, please make a really determined effort to catch up next week; again contact your teachers if you need any help, they will be really happy to hear from you. Now is also the time to start readjusting to a normal life. Try getting up in the morning at the time you need to, so you can be at school on time. Go to bed on time, so that you are ready and able to work.

We can’t wait to have you all back at school we have truly missed you!


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