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Date: 05 February 2019



Welcome to 2019

Tēnā  Koutou Katoa and Warm greetings to you all.

Welcome to Onehunga High School for the 2019 school year. We hope that you have had a great summer holiday and that you are ready for the challenges and rewards 2019 will bring.

Each student should aim to make this year their best ever. Congratulations to those of you who worked hard and achieved their goals last year. For those of you who were disappointed by some of your results, make sure that this year you are organised and stay focussed.

We want each of you to succeed and will work hard to help you. You will have to set your own goals and work conscientiously towards achieving them, however the best results will be achieved when you, your teachers and your family work in a partnership to reach these goals. We strongly recommend that you all attend the ‘Meet the Kaitiaki’ evenings which are being held on Tuesday 19th February and Thursday 21st February. Students in the Health Science Academy have the first Fono of the year on the evening of the 21st, so need to make an appointment at a time that ensures they are able to attend both events.

Get involved ! OHS has so many sports teams and different groups that you can join. Music, dance, film, spoken word, robotics, there are so many opportunities for you to have fun, meet new people and become involved in the OHS community. Senior students need to understand that being involved in the life of the school and making a contribution to it, is an essential component of your CV should you wish to apply for a scholarship, or for entry into many courses and careers.

Work hard, play hard, be kind and considerate to others. At OHS we expect that you will respect, yourself, others and the environment at all times. Your actions should be guided, by the school motto, ‘Loyalty and Courage’ which will help you to make the most of your time at school. Your teachers, deans and all the fabulous, hard working staff at at OHS are there for you, however in the end it really is all up to you !

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