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Posted in General Victoria to Visit China Again and Again

Date: 06 August 2019



Victoria to Visit China Again and Again

What a year Victoria Talalelei Amani 12Wo is having. Victoria never imagined for one minute that she would be going to China three times in one year!

Victoria visited China with the OHS Business School, during the holidays. Victoria, Annie Manukeu and Olano Khadija are travelling to China in December as winners of China Study Camp Scholarships and just to add to this story, Victoria placed a very impressive third in the finals of the ‘National Chinese Bridge’ speech competitions held in Christchurch last weekend. Her prize… Victoria will travel to China to represent New Zealand in the televised world finals later this year!

Victoria never dreamed when she left her family in Samoa and was sent to school in New Zealand to begin at OHS as a Year 9 student, that she would win any award. When she arrived, she had very limited English, she was shy and anxious in this unfamiliar country. Victoria knew that she had to master English, so that there would be no barrier to her learning. Hard work and determination to always strive to do her best, have certainly paid dividends! Victoria simply can not believe that she will be travelling to China twice more this year and the wonderful thing for Victoria is that her mother travelled from Samoa to see her compete in the finals. Her family are justifiably proud of her, as are we!

Congratulations must also go to Miss Wang for her amazing work with our students.


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