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Date: 13 November 2023



Vaping Seminars Reveal Surprising Facts

Did you know that there are 20,000 different flavours of Vapes, many of which, like jellybean, are designed to appeal to the very young and none of them have been tested for their effect on the lungs, or that there have been people maimed and badly burnt when the lithium batteries inside vapes have exploded? There are 114 KFC outlets in NZ, 170 McDonalds, and 1402 Vape shops!

 The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation presented a workshop to Year 10 students last week to give them information to help them make informed choices. By far the majority of young people who vape have never smoked. Some vapes contain 30 times more nicotine than cigarettes. Young people are becoming addicted to a product that could be causing them considerable harm. You are able to buy vapes disguised as other products, like highlighter pens, lipsticks or even asthma inhalers. Vapes are polluting our whenua, awa and moana and cannot be recycled.

Originally marketed to help people addicted to cigarettes to break the habit, we must ask ourselves what needs to be done to protect our young people from the potential harm caused by vaping. Education, while important, will not be enough.


The products above are vapes.

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