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Date: 06 September 2022



Tournament Week 2022

Onehunga High School recently celebrated the return of National Tournament week after two years of Covid-related cancellations.  Six teams represented the school in four different codes with approximately 80 students competing.  These included:

Basketball : Junior boys and Junior girls

Football : 1st X1 boys and 1st X1 girls

Netball : Premier

Hockey : Girls X1

 All of the Onehunga teams participated with enthusiasm and represented the school with pride.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to compete against schools from across the North Island and to finish their seasons off on a high.

 Below are the results from tournament week as well as the MVP for each team selected by students and staff:


FINAL PLACE:                     11th

MVP:                                     NICHOLAS FERGUSSON


FINAL PLACE:                     4th

MVP:                                     HAVILA SUAALII


FINAL PLACE:                      10TH

MVP:                                     CAMERON SEIBERT


FINAL PLACE:                     4TH

MVP:                                     JESS FREEMAN


FINAL PLACE:                     7TH

MVP:                                     NELLIE-EVA SIFAHEONE


FINAL PLACE:                     26TH

MVP:                                     LITANIA LANGI

 The school would like to thank all of the staff and community volunteers who coached, managed and supported the teams for giving up their time during tournament week.




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