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Date: 10 June 2022



Theatresports 2022

The return of theatresports to OHS is a welcome return to a feeling of normality for some of our creative and talented students.

For the uninitiated, theatresports are improvised comedy shows, where players in teams spontaneously create exciting, entertaining, stories, songs, poems, scenes and dances without the aid of a script. They have asked the audience for an idea from which they create hilarious stories.

Students and teachers from the OHS theatresports group have attended workshops to learn the skills required to teach theatresports and had a tutor from Theatresports Youth Programme come to school to teach a number of games designed to hone their craft.

On May 31st, Liam Ashby 12Mg, Haleni Dawber 12Mg, Stan Foster-Aitkins 12Mg, Sia Greentree 13Cw, Joshua Monzon 12Gr, Sophie Roberts 13Cw and Cameron Ross 11To, competed in their first competition and came 2nd, losing by 1 point to St Kents, a fantastic result.

Well done, to all students who are involved in theatresports and to Ms Abigail Parsons for her expertise and enthusiasm. 


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