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Date: 02 June 2023



Theatre Sports Prove Popular

The improvised comedy that is Theatresports has found some talented performers at OHS.

Theatresports are a unique blend of traditional performance skills and the bravado of sport. There are 2-4 teams of players, who endeavor to spontaneously create entertaining stories, songs, poems, scenes, and dances. With no script, the players work together and step into the unknown to create fun, moving, and entertaining stories. The competition takes a backseat to creating a memorable performance with stellar storytelling, great characters, and tight teamwork. Students are marked on storyline, technique, and entertainment factor, to find a winner.

On the Thursday 18th of May Onehunga High School's TheatreSports leaders went to Saint Kentigern College for a friendly Theatre Sports match in preparation for the 2023 TheatreSports Youth Programme (TYP)  competition later this year. The evening was fun filled and enjoyed by the students, teachers and supporters.

Good luck for future matches to Ms Parsons and to Liam Ashby 13Gb, Haleni Dawber 13Hy, Magdalene Iremia-Apelu 12Dw, Ella Mc Guivan 12 Dw, Peter Muller 12LI, Emerson Rockwell 11Gi, Cameron Ross 12To, Jasmine Swords 11Ga and Elsie Woodward 11Ce.

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