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Posted in General The Build Must Go On

Date: 01 May 2020



The Build Must Go On

It is fortunate that we have the skills on staff, some of whom are even qualified to continue making progress with our house!

Mr Leadbeater, Mr Eastwood, Mr Douglas and Mr Richardson-Jones have spent some time progressing the build so that it should be ready as planned at the end of November.

The building and construction students are being sorely missed. Their teachers are very pleased with the class of 2020, who have been working extremely well. They arrive early to site, ready and able to learn and are developing excellent skills. Mr Myer and Mr Eastwood commented especially on how well they worked as a team and on the initiative that they demonstrate on site.

We can’t wait to have our students back and hope that they find the work the teachers have done in the meantime, is satisfactory!

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