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Posted in General Student Leaders Look Forward to the New Year.

Date: 25 January 2024



Student Leaders Look Forward to the New Year.

Our 2024 student leaders are ready and excited for the year ahead. They thoroughly enjoyed their camp at Bethells Barn this week, where they honed their leadership and communication skills.

Senior Bethells Beach Surf Club members provided First Aid training and students developed team building and collaboration skills when they faced three training exercises including, supporting an injured person, a person suffering a mental health emergency and while evacuating a person from the rocks.

Surf Club members were enthusiastic in their praise of our prefects who demonstrated an exceptional effort and attitude in their collective endeavours. Students enjoyed a barbeque and swim at the home of Deputy Principal Mr Adam Simpson and had a truly fabulous time spending time together and with staff. We look forward to their guidance of our school cohort this year.   




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