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Date: 12 August 2019



Services- Advanced Leadership

Milika Tangulu 13Wa and Justin Langi 13Wa have completed a five day Advanced Leadership camp for Northern Region Service Academy students, at Whenuapai Air Base.

Milika and Justin were chosen to take part, for the leadership potential they demonstrated at the Basic Leadership camp in May.

On arrival students were divided into one of four sections and each member of the section had a turn at leading the team. They were given specific situations and using the G.S.M.E.A.C protocols,(Ground, Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin/logistics, Command/signals) which they had been taught in the Basic course, had to assess the situation, make a plan and carry out a task.

Each section had a day devoted to community service, helping schools, kindergartens and elderly individuals with gardening, lawn mowing and general maintenance.

No Services course would be complete without rigorous PT sessions. A tree climbing course was fun and like all of the activities, develop confidence and team building skills.

Well done Milika and Justin for representing OHS with loyalty and courage.


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