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Date: 05 November 2020



Services Academy March Out 2020

What an absolute privilege it was to attend the Onehunga High School 2020 Services Academy March Out.Teachers, families and supporters of the Academy students gathered in the quad in anticipation of the students arrival.

The Academy marched in their sections, in perfect unison, with dignity and precision. Every aspect of their person was controlled. They were a picture of concentration.You could not help but be impressed by the hard work and commitment of these young people. The academy has provided these students with a safe, nurturing environment where the values of courage, commitment, comradeship and integrity have been instilled. Opportunities for students to challenge themselves and support each other have ensured that students in the academy have developed a strong sense of community and responsibility.

Thank you to the Papakura High School Services Academy students and staff who came to the March Out in support of our students.

We congratulate Staff Lal and Staff Webb for their dedication to these students who are a real credit to them.

Congratulations to all academy students and in particular to the following award winners:

Year 10 Outstanding Students

Puluki Langi 10Lv

Akarsha Togiafofoa10 Go

Level 1 Top Students

Margilyn Uluave 12Ty

Ben Webb 11 Cw

Level 2 Top Students

Jatima Uluave 12 Ty

Benji Sanisitou 12 Pl

 Top Drill               Devontay Tema 13Lj

This trophy goes to a student who has exemplary drill, pays attention to detail and always supports others to improve in their drill. He has shown outstanding leadership over the year.

Fittest Student     Ben Webb 11Cw

This award goes to the student who has continually achieved the highest fitness test results and strives to continually improve for better results.

Challenge Cup    Josias Manukeu 11Cr   Wilson Mata 11Sl

This cup was made by students in 2015 to award a student who has excelled in a challenging event. Josiah and Wilson selflessly supported  and encouraged all members in their teams on the confidence course in Matakana this year and even welcomed students from another school into their team. They showed leadership and courage.

Kia Kaha Award   Joseph Haioti 13Lj 

This  is  awarded to a student who has faced many challenges over his time in the academy and has faced these challenges head on. Joseph goes above and beyond for everyone. 


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