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Posted in General Senior Assembly - Week 7

Date: 13 March 2020

Ms Shea welcomed students to the second full senior assembly of the year. She reminded students that we are already in week seven of an 11 week term and that every student should be striving toward achieving 14 credits in each of their subjects before the end of the year. Every student should be aiming for excellence. We would like to see at least 70% of you achieve UE.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded academic badges.

Gold                                                          Silver

Paige Campbell                                        Sharni Dreadon-Bell

Ella Cavanagh                                          Vanessa Ly

Hinemoa Nathan                                      Maia Potini-Brown


Chompoo Yuyenjit                                    Muskaan Narayan

Beatrice Sefa                                           James Pratap

Connor Neki                                             Ivan Merkulov

Ane Kaifa                                                 Nathan French

Troy Cavanagh                                        Bharti Bhan

Maccrae Baxter                                       Ofa Apikotoa


Congratulations to the recipients of LAC Bronze Badges

Charles Amores                                     Logan D’Souza

Maya Edmunds                                     Zara Parker

Sophia Vavia                                         Daisy Fuavao

Holly Hu


Congratulations to students who received Sports Badges


Olivia Bush


Shehaab Khan                                     Jadah Punoua Raki

Elijah Belton


Steven Elekana Tuku                           Nathan French

Vincent Rogers


Each of the Student Councils led by the prefects assigned to them, introduced their members and gave a brief overview of what they had planned for the year.

 Arts Council- Holly Hu, Reuben Smith

Maccrae Baxter                                Sophie-Lee Bosson

Jonathon Loa                                    Ivan Merkulov

Gabriella Manu                                 Vanessa Ly

Amarissa Havili                                 Sophie Roberts

Jacky Siharath                                  Jasmine Son

The Arts council aims to promote all the fabulous opportunities to be involved in the Arts, both performing and visual art in the school. The Boys’ and Girls’ choirs are well underway and the council reminded students that the hugely popular Talent Quest will be organised by the council this year.


Cultural Council - Nico Tuave, Zara Tafili-Tamepo

Michele Herewini                               Devontay Tema

Sophia Vavia                                      Pakeeza Ali

Jordan Sisitoutai                                Acura Chukau

Litania Langi                                     Timena Veni Moenoa

Christine Elone

The Cultural Council wants to celebrate the diverse cultures that we have in our school and has a number of events planned to increase our understanding of each other. They will organise Language week celebrations and speech competitions.


Hauora Council - Leo Nansen, Charles Amores

Bharti Bhan                                         Neha Kumar

Maia Potini-Bowen                             Jolynn Vai

Evan Taylor                                        Abigail Catterson

The Hauora Council aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of students. Their first project this year will be to encourage healthy eating. They have developed a traffic light system so that when you buy something from the cafe, it will be labelled either Green, for eat often, Amber, this should be eaten less often perhaps only once a week or Red for foods that should be occasional treats. They will be given out some Green labelled treats for free next week.  


Academic Council - Sione Tu’ifua, Paw Moo

Josh Sadua                                      Isobel Barrett

Page Campbell                                Faith Fineanganofo

Marcus Munro-Wilson                     Nellie- Eva Sifahene

Uluaki Fulivai

The academic council wants to encourage and support all students to achieve. They are going to be involved in a safe and supported learning hub where students can access extra help from both other students and staff. 


Sport Council - Maya Edmunds, Bryan Afu, Christine Anesone

Danilo Tongia                                 Krishit Chand

Hinemoa Nathan                           Josiah Raela

Brianna Insley                                Olivia Bush

Kemen Zulaika                               Quinn Muliipu

Linda Uasi                                       Dana Gasic

The Sports Council want to encourage as many students as possible to participate in sport either just for fun or more competitively. They have plans in place to have the Weights Gym open one break a week and have fitness programmes organised. They will be running staff vs student competitions, and Premier team vs Premier team matches.


Community Council -Maya Edmunds, Bryan Afu, Christine Anesone

Logan D’Souza                                  Zara Parker

Alisha Chand                                     Daisy Fuavo

Holly Buncuga                                    Michael Vaeagi

Nu Phan-Huynh

The Community Council is divided into three subgroups.The environment and sustainability group have already been involved in the Mangere Bridge beach clean up and are currently examining the schools waste procedures. The fundraising group will coordinate raising funds for causes like Daffodil Day and the 40 Hour Famine, while the humanities group will raise awareness of important social issues.


 To conclude the assembly Holly Hu and Reuben Smith from the Arts Council then introduced a guest performer to the school, Ramon Narayan from Active Education who is a member of the South Auckland Poets Collective. Ramon performed a fantastic Spoken Word poem and encouraged any student who had something to say to join the new OHS spoken word club, LAC Poets. If you are interested in joining this club, keep an eye on the notices or speak with a member of the Arts Council.

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