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Date: 10 June 2021



Samoan Language Week Celebrations

Faamalo fa’afetai (congratulations and well done) to all those students who took part in a wonderful celebration of Fa’a Samoa last week. A huge thank you to Acura Chukau 13Bn, Timena Veni Moenoa 12Mx and Serafina Amosa 10Ps, from the Cultural Council who planned an exciting programme for the week.

The hall was packed to overflowing for the dances and performances on Thursday and Friday. The girls were mesmerising, so graceful and serene. Congratulations, Serafina Amosa, Acura Chukau, Sauilepo Falesii,  Repeka Leavai, Caroline Soonalafo Inu, Eliza Tuave, Janet Tuave and Timena Veni Moenoa.

The boys gave a spirited and powerful demonstration of traditional dance and we were fortunate to have Tuiga Dance Academy perform. Two OHS students, Jack Filoa and Giovanni Lesisita are members of the group. Blessing Ioramo gave a moving solo performance. OHS band members, Josiah Aliimalemanu, Jesse Leilua, Lebam Tatā and Sam To’o and singer Mose Faifo, performed 2 traditional Samoan songs, ‘ Sei Oriana’ and Uso Samoa.  Everyone who attended these performances was moved by the talent, enthusiasm and good will on display. 

On Wednesday students enjoyed playing, lape, kilikiti and volleyball. The week was a wonderful celebration of Samoan, language, food, performance and sport which was thoroughly enjoyed by us all. Thank you to all of the students who found the time to prepare their performances and  rehearse so that we could all learn about and celebrate Fa’a Samoa.


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