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Posted in General Polyfest-Korean Group- by Harry Ward-Hayes

Date: 01 April 2019



Polyfest-Korean Group- by Harry Ward-Hayes

Polyfest was a great experience once again. I was able to learn so much and enjoyed learning about the many different cultures this world has to offer. I was one of the leaders for the diversity group this year. In this role, I was able to develop many new skills such as better communication. I found that throughout the practices my patience was tested and many other skills that I need to effectively lead were developed. Luckily, there were many teachers there to help and make the experience more enjoyable. In particular, the tutors, Grace Leung and Kororia Down were invaluable in guiding us. I felt that they showed me how I can still give back to this great school even after I leave at the end of this year.

While there was lots that I learnt, Polyfest was also a great time, particularly on the day. There was lots of excitement throughout the group, with many of the nerves overcome by the excitement. Our performance went fantastically and the rest of the day was free for us to explore the grounds and other performances. I went around and got to know all of the many cultures through their food. I also enjoyed all the other performances on the diversity stage.

The overall atmosphere around Polyfest, in school and on the day, was amazing. Everyone was so inviting and accepting of each other's culture, the same with everyone here at school. I found that the acceptance of the different groups was great. I think that we should thank all the teachers who put in their time and effort to ensure that Polyfest was the success that it was. The event was also a great success thanks to all the students who participated. Ployfest could not have happened without all of you so thank you.

     -Harry Ward-Hayes 13Lu

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