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Date: 08 March 2022



OHS Badges

How far away are you from your next OHS Badge?

 Many students have started another difficult, Covid interrupted year, accumulating Superstar awards and points toward badges. They have been working diligently at school or in the case of seniors have managed to complete their online studies and attend their Google Meets. Congratulations to you for showing the courage to keep on going; it is not always easy to maintain that motivation. Thank you to the senior student leaders, who have made such positive contributions to online assemblies and ‘Meet the Deans’ Evenings. 

The Onehunga High School Badge system rewards positive actions and great achievements. Students from Years 9-13 are able to receive badges across a number of categories: 

  • LAC
  • Academic
  • Cultural
  • Sport
  • Premier sport.

When students accumulate enough points in a category, a badge is awarded.

20= Bronze  40= Silver  60=  Gold   130= Platinum

Points are accumulated during a student’s time at school. Students can move from bronze to silver to gold. 

It is particularly pleasing that so many Year 9’s have already accumulated points. Keep up the good work and you too may find yourself with a blazer covered in badges when you enter Year 13.

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