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Date: 27 May 2019



MUNA 2019

One of the highlights of the year for participating senior students is their involvement in MUNA, the Model United Nations Assembly.

More than 300 students and their teachers from Auckland and Northland gathered together at Auckland Girls Grammar to discuss, debate and try to come to a consensus on how to deal with some of the world’s most pressing problems. What they discovered, is that getting all members of the UN to agree on anything can be very difficult.

OHS had four teams participating, each was allocated a country which they had to represent. Ana Apikotoa 13Sr, Samuel Tuaiti 13Sr, and Esther Kolofoua 13Ll, represented Greece, Heron Twiss 13Mm, Kathryn Haley 13Mm, Karolina Vachudova 13Mm, the Russian Federation, Lee Wong 12Ed, Kyle Moodley 12Ed, Maya Edmunds 12Wo, Colombia and Danika Thompson 13Lu, Ofa Apikotoa 12Wn, Jennifer Ahchong 12wn represented Botswana. Students had to have researched their country’s historical, geographical, economic, social and political background to enable them to respond to 2 of the Assembly’s 6 remits. Teams could not express their own opinion but had to align their responses to that of their allocated country. Questions considered by our teams included: issues around Climate Change, regulating global internet platforms to combat the spread of extremism and invasions of privacy, child rights, disarmament and dealing with issues around hate speech and racism.

Students found out how difficult it was to put a case forward presenting the views of a country, when those opinions differed from their personal opinions. They felt the frustration of their inability to get a consensus, as often countries served their own interests without due consideration of others.

MUNA was an outstanding success, thoroughly enjoyed by all those who took part. Students learnt an enormous amount about UN member countries and in particular the country that they were representing. They learnt to be more assertive, to have a confident voice and expressed their surprise at just how involved they became representing their country.

 Special thanks to Rotary who sponsor the event and in particular Onehunga / One Tree Hill Rotary for sponsoring our teams, we are extremely grateful for their continued support of our students.


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