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Posted in General Market Day is a Business Success

Date: 01 July 2021



Market Day is a Business Success

Level 1 and a group of  Year 10 Business students’,  were involved in selling their products at a school market day last week.

This was the culmination of a lot of prior work. Students had to write a Business Plan for their enterprise, source raw materials, produce products, promote their product and finally sell product at market day.

This year students were unable to sell food items and this encouraged students to really think about what they may be able to offer their target market, which would appeal to them and encourage them to part with their money. The Business students’ certainly rose to the challenge, with most groups making significant profits and selling out of product.

Anime paintings which were painted onto glass and Anime posters proved a winner. Congratulations Jude Harris 11 Lv, Will Harris 11 Lv, Stella Kiely 11Lv and Kathryn Simanu 11 Wt. 

The jewellery table was another very popular destination. Congratulations, Anabelle Cummins 10PS, Janice Nair 10Ps, Jade Nathan 10Dw, and Aria van Dolleweerd 10Bh and Brooke van Houts 10Mr, who produced steel and crystal rings and made an excellent profit.

The great range of products also included tie dyed socks, stress balls, aromatic candles, soaps, body and facial scrubs, raffles, a photo booth and side shows.

Students have learnt about running a business and have had a taste of what they will study if they wish to continue with Business as a subject in the future.


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