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Date: 26 May 2020



Manuia Le Vaiaso o Le Gagana Sāmoa

Happy Sāmoan Language Week.

Congratulations to the OHS Cultural Council for preparing such interesting material for Sāmoan Language week!

The theme this year is ‘Tapena sou oso mo lau malaga,’ which means ‘prepare yourself a gift for your travels or journey’. Mr Faata explains, ”As Pacific Peoples when we prepare for travel, we take our traditions with us, allowing us to share our ōso (gifts/food) with everyone we meet along the way. With these gifts we build, nurture and strengthen our language, culture and identity.”

Alisha Chand 12Br, Acura Chukau 12Br, Timena Veni-Moenoa 11Cr and Varani Ropati 13Ne produced and starred in, a wonderful video explaining this theme, which you can view on the following link.

The committee have posted on their Instagram page- cultural.council, where you will find not only the video but songs, vocabulary, a greeting from our principal Ms Shea, quizzes and many fascinating posts.

On Friday Sāmoan students are invited to wear formal cultural attire to school, as we celebrate diversity among our family at OHS. The Cultural Committee wants us all to be able to feel proud of our cultural identities, to be able to learn about and honour each other. 

We congratulate the cultural committee on the work they are doing to enrich our journeys at school.

Manuia le aso 

Alofa atu


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