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Posted in General Lord of the Flies- Success

Date: 28 September 2018



Lord of the Flies- Success

OHS senior drama students performed a play by Nigel Williams from the William Golding novel ‘Lord of the Flies’, on three consecutive nights this week starring three different casts.

The performances that were assessed for NCEA qualifications were impressive.

The set design was simple, yet effective and there were some exceptional performances from the young actors in some very demanding and confronting roles.

The play charts the conflict between the human impulse towards savagery and the laws of civilisation designed to protect each individual and maintain law and order.

Audiences had no difficulty in believing in the character of Ralph played by Conn Ferris 11Dl, Nina Esekia 12By and Eseta Tusani 12Ae, as he struggles to keep the vestiges of civilisation, even as his own desire to protect the community eventually begins to wane.

Jack, who comes to represent the savage impulse, who wants complete power, blind obedience and hero worship, was very convincingly played by Harmon Fuli-Unasa 12 Ll, Samuel Tuaiti 12Sr and Caitlin Reid 12Ta.

Ivan Merkulov 11Hu and Jonathon Loa 11Fa, played ‘Piggy’ the socially awkward, law abiding representative of civilisation, who they managed to make endearing to the audience who are horrified when he is killed by Roger, played by Jeremy Moran 11By, Mariah Luki 12Sr and Hannah Waddell 12Ae.By this time in the play Roger is now sadistic and little more than a savage.

This was an excellent production and all the actors, lighting and stage managers, set designers, and many support crew must be thanked for delivering such an enjoyable and thought provoking evenings entertainment.

We would particularly like to thank and congratulate the Director, Mrs Sarah Dillaman, and the Assistant director, former student Cooper Sutton.


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