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Posted in General Level 2 Media Students Become 'Censors for a Day'

Date: 23 August 2019



Level 2 Media Students Become 'Censors for a Day'

On Thursday, 15 August , the Level 2 Media class travelled to Event Cinemas at St Lukes to participate in the ‘Censor for a Day” event put on by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC).

Students learned how the OFLC went about classifying media for the New Zealand public, and then were given the chance to view and rate a pre-released film. ‘Censor for a Day’ was a great educational experience, giving the students a unique insight into the world of film classification. Year 12 student Zara Parker (12Do) commented, “It was really interesting seeing the process behind the rating decisions the office make. I realised its way more complicated than it seems.”

It was surprising that all films, DVDs and games coming into the country, have to be classified and the classification labels displayed. Most would also have a descriptive note indicating the type of content that may be of concern. Many students had not thought about the colour coding of the labels. Film labels are colour coded like a traffic light. Green, indicates that anyone can view. Orange, means anyone can view, but guidance from a parent or guardian is recommended. Red means that viewing is restricted to the age indicated on the label and it is in fact illegal to show or give the movie or game to anyone under the specified age.

The experience of being Censors was very enjoyable and educational for students who will now have more insight when they next see the censors classification.


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