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Date: 06 March 2023



Level 2 Biology Trip

A highlight of the year for many Biology students is the Level 2 Bio trip to the University of Auckland, Leigh Marine Lab and Goat Island Marine reserve, New Zealand’s oldest marine reserve. It was established in 1975 for the purpose of scientific study and covers 518 hectares of marine environment. On a beautiful day last week, excited students left the classroom and headed 100 kilometres north of Auckland to the reserve.

The lab undertakes important research to support the flourishing aquaculture industries in New Zealand. In addition they research climate change and its effect on marine environments and a wide range of topics, to better understand how to conserve and restore this precious environment.

Students were able to hear about the latest research, details about local species they are studying and to see and hold some species including kina, octopus and crayfish.

Being able to snorkel at Goat Island among swarming schools of fish, including Snapper, Blue Maomao, Red Moki among others and to see the Eagle Ray glide past was truly amazing for students. The enthusiasm and support for each other demonstrated by students was pleasing and the guides from Goat Island Dive and Snorkel reported that “The instructors had a blast teaching you all and said they were all really good in the water and showed some great knowledge about our ocean.”

This is experiential learning at its best, both equipping students with the knowledge they need, and inspiring them to appreciate and look after our enviable marine ecosystems.

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