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Date: 05 September 2018



Level 1 Visual Art

Students in Mr Anthony Clark’s Level 1 Visual Art class have created some truly wonderful pieces of art which will form a significant part of their assessment this year.

Students have based their work around the Rāhui placed on the Waitakere Ranges to try and prevent the spread of Kauri dieback which is killing these giants of the forest. Students have made a detailed study of the ranges including their geography, flora and fauna and have used this information to inspire and reference their work. They have also studied other New Zealand artists who have work that has similar themes or styles.

Wood Veneer, from a variety of species was very kindly donated to the school by Bestwood so that students could create their art.

This exciting project made possible by the generosity of Bestwood, has seen a number of fabulous pieces of art created, inspired by the knowledge that students gained about the Waitakere Ranges and what needs to be done to protect our natural environment so that it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

We look forward to seeing and displaying all of the art after it has been assessed for NCEA.


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