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Date: 06 June 2023



Leaders of Diversity Workshop

Last week 10 Year 12 students attended the Leaders of Diversity Workshop at Unitech. Janice Nair 12 Kz writes about the experience.

 On Wednesday 24th, May a group of Year 12 students got the amazing opportunity to participate in the Leaders In Diversity Workshop. This one day workshop was an opportunity designed for young leaders to learn and develop their leadership skills and ability to work with different people who have different opinions, values and cultural backgrounds. This helped our students to develop a sense of confidence, to be able to work with other people collectively and learn about how to be a good leader not only in that workshop but also in our schools and in our future life. The main focus of the Leaders In Diversity workshop was looking at real life problems such as how to better care for our planet and be eco-friendly and also how we can express diversity in cultures and backgrounds both in our school and in our wider communities.

 I really enjoyed this workshop because it definitely helped me gain more confidence in myself to become a better leader at school next year. It also helped me to experience working with a group of students who I didn’t know who had different ideas from me and I learnt how to work collectively with them and be able to share, as well as be able to listen to other students' ideas and discuss solutions for the 2 main questions posed for that workshop. It was a really interactive and engaging workshop and I along with my peers were grateful to have been presented with this opportunity. 

Written by: Janice Nair, Year 12 


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