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Posted in General Last Days for Library

Date: 30 September 2020



Last Days for Library

Finally we are underway. Ms Dwane our Teacher/Librarian has been working incredibly hard dismantling our library and organising the shift to a temporary location at the bottom of B Block.

The library has served generations of students and teachers since its construction in the early 1970’s. Books have been borrowed and read, lessons in everything from Biology to Health given, debates won and lost, chess games deliberated over, seminars to inspire delivered, homework and assignments completed, music played, tea and biscuits served and wine sipped. Now the wrecking ball is poised to bring the library down. 

Staff bid their final farewells to the library after school on Friday, with a celebratory gathering. We salute the old and cannot wait to see the new buildings rise from the rubble.

In the meantime Ms Dwane, with an encyclopedic knowledge of books and infectious enthusiasm will be available to help you in B block.  


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