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Date: 21 June 2019



Kāhui Ako

Thank you to the more than 100 students, families, teachers and friends from our Kāhui Ako who gave up their Saturday afternoon to help clean up our precious Manukau Harbour.

Armed with buckets, gloves and gumboots groups descended on the foreshore and began the job of removing from the beach and surrounding area, ten large sacks of rubbish, one very rusty bicycle, a discarded chair, a rather large plastic pot plant and a number of golf balls!

Heron Twiss 13 Mm wanted to do her part as a citizen of this community. She,“ found it shocking that there was so much rubbish particularly under the motorway, it looked as if people had just thrown rubbish out of their cars. I don’t think people realise that a cigarette can take up to ten years to decompose, depending on conditions. There so many of them littering the area.”

Like all of the volunteers, Heron hopes that everyone in the community thinks carefully about how they are disposing of their rubbish, so that our coast can be enjoyed by everyone now and for generations to come. If every single person played a small part in keeping our environment clean, we could make a huge difference.



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