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Date: 09 December 2021



Junior Sports and Cultural Days

Thank you to all those teachers, staff and senior students who organized fun filled activities for the last two days of school, for our Juniors.

Students certainly deserved to have the opportunity to come together in their Kaitiaki classes to enjoy being together, playing sports and experiencing and celebrating some of the different cultures that make OHS the dynamic school that it most certainly is!

Monday was Sports Day. Kaitiaki, students and teachers played volleyball, football, tag, tee ball, non stop cricket and ultimate frisbee.There was some competition (Mr Coombes), much laughter and great enthusiasm on display. Thank you especially to Mr Saunders, Ms Eastwood, Mr Coombes and Mr Jacobsen for organizing the day.


Tuesday was Cultural day, a chance for us to celebrate and learn more about what makes each of us special. There was something for everyone to share and enjoy including:

Samoan: Learning different forms of traditional Samoan dance including Siva Samoa, Sasa and Fa'ataupati.

Tongan: Learning traditional dance: ma'ulu'ulu and a traditional Tongan hymn

Cook Island: Using paint and rollers to print traditional Cook Island patterns on to fabric/material

Maori: Using harakeke to practice traditional Māori weaving

Chinese: Learning about and practicing traditional calligraphy 

Fijian/Indian: Learning about and drawing henna as well as traditional dance. 



A huge thank you to the teachers and senior students who made this wonderful day possible, especially to your Deans Ms Huri and Mr Schaumkel.

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