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Date: 10 December 2019



Junior Awards Ceremony 2019

The Junior Award ceremony held on Monday this week was the final celebration of student achievement on the school calendar.

The achievements of so many of our young people is indeed cause for celebration. As well as acknowledging academic, cultural and sporting success we commend those students who have particularly demonstrated the school values of respect, integrity, loyalty and courage. Congratulations to all students who were award winners, you have worked hard to achieve your success and deserve to feel proud.

Special Award Recipients

  • Aaron D’Souza Against the Odds Scholarship

            Amber Tetava- Drury

  • Junior Te Reo Māori Award

            Moana Tuwhangai

  • Prefects Aspiring Young Leader Award

            ‘Uluaki Fulivai Kaivelata

  • Onehunga High School Loyalty and Courage Cup - This cup is designed to recognise a student who represents the core values of Loyalty and Courage through their actions at school.

            Evan Taylor

  • Nicholas Joyce Memorial Cup- awarded to a student who has defied the odds through perseverance and hard work to make substantial progress.

            John Tuitavake.

  • Junior Sportsperson of the Year

            Alyssa Baxter

  • The Elma Aitken Junior Merit Cup- the most prestigious academic award of the ceremony, which signifies outstanding academic achievement in every way.

            Sophie Roberts

            Jasmine Son


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