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Date: 15 May 2019



Inquiry Week Success

Late last term junior school students completed an inquiry project which focussed on an aspect of their identity which was particularly interesting or important to them.

Students had a week to work as individuals or in groups to really explore their chosen topic. As a school we want to empower our students by allowing them the time to work on a project that is important and relevant to them. The goal was that students would learn how to ask inquiring questions, to research, organise and evaluate information; reflect on what they had found and  finally share their information with their peers, kaitiaki and whanau.

The variety of projects was vast. We had students researching their Whakapapa, Turangawaewae, ethnicity, their ancestors, some looked at their own talents and how they could develop them further. We had projects that examined religion, spirituality and family.

Congratulations in particular, to Trinity Atileo, Moiz Mohammed, Huia Samuels, Tulivae Falesii, ‘Uluaki Fulivai Kaivelata, Leva Tuifua, Amonica Pa’u and Jayden Johnson who presented their findings to their peers at a Junior Assembly.

As is always the case, the students who worked hardest, with enthusiasm and who embraced the opportunity to direct their own learning, were the students who got the most out of the experience.

Students will be given the opportunity in week 8 of this term to work on another inquiry project and we look forward to seeing further examples of the very high standard reached in the learning outcomes of these projects.


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