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Date: 31 October 2023



Holmes and the Ripper Triumph!

If you didn’t attend the school production of ‘Holmes and the Ripper’ you really did miss a wonderful production. By any standards this was a triumph.

The story is of the grisly serial killings in Victorian, Whitechapel London. The murderer known only as Jack the Ripper, has the city living with terror. Such was the authenticity of the production, the audience were also on edge, as evidenced by the collective gasps whenever the sound engineer, Mr Dave Parsons dispatched heart stopping sound effects.

Director Zane Fleming and assistant director our own Ms Abbie Parsons, delivered a production worthy of any professional theatre. 

Everyone of the actors and backstage crew did a wonderful job, however it would be remiss not to acknowledge the outstanding performances of Stan Foster- Atkins who played Sherlock Holmes and Alex Johnson who played Dr Watson. They never faulted, despite having to learn the lines of a production, where they were on stage for well over two hours.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved! This was a great opportunity for our students to experience what it is like to be involved in professional theatre. Thank you to the Dolphin Theatre for hosting the play and to the NZ Stage and Screen Combat School for choreographing all of the stunts.

Whatever you do, don’t miss next year’s school production!




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