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Posted in General Former Student Chryss Viliko Named in Auckland Women's Blues Squad

Date: 22 November 2021



Former Student Chryss Viliko Named in Auckland Women's Blues Squad

Congratulations to former student Chryss Viliko who has been named in the Auckland Women’s Blues Squad! Chryss writes about her experiences to share with us.

Rugby has always been my passion. I love the culture, the opportunity to make new connections and the contact. Playing for the Onehunga High School Girls First XV team was a testament to that. There is nothing better than playing with your best mates who love the game and causing havoc on the field.

 Prior to hearing the news of being considered for the Aupiki tournament, I had been training alongside the Auckland Storm team while recovering from an ACL knee reconstruction. Being out of the game for almost a year and to receive a call about being considered brought tears not only to my eyes but to my families. They are the backbone to the many achievements I have accomplished today and will continue to be my drive for future endeavours.

 Rugby after high school has been a journey. I have experienced playing alongside some elite representative players, developed techniques to enhance my performance and pushed my body through tough obstacles, both mentally and emotionally. While it has not been an easy ride, it has been the most valuable to my growth and development as a Wahine Toa.

Favourite memory from school was being able to see my friends every day. Can't go wrong when you're surrounded by people that encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

 Encouraging Words:Be willing to take risks because you will miss every opportunity you don’t take. 


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