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Date: 05 April 2022



Enviro Club News

OHS Enviro club members visited the Onehunga People’s Garden (OPG) in Arthur St to help with garden maintenance last week.

The garden, located on land no longer required by KiwiRail, had been looked after by people from the neighbourhood. Before it was handed over to the community, it had been left and was derelict, covered with weeds and rubbish.

Enthusiastic members of the Onehunga People’s Garden group, set about creating a garden that could be enjoyed by the community. They wanted to preserve the ecosystem, remove the weeds and rubbish and plant native trees and shrubs. Over the years they had planted 1000’s of trees and plants and had transformed the landscape into one that could be enjoyed by the community. The birdlife flourished and the butterflies returned. Unfortunately as people moved on, momentum was lost and the weeds returned. Not to be deterred, the OPG group have tried once again to knock back weeds and clear paths. The OHS Enviro club students have decided to help. They have volunteered to look after a section of the garden and to monitor water quality, doing their bit to look after our local environment.



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