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Posted in General Dr Ian Devereux 11-2-40 -25-4-20

Date: 29 April 2020



Dr Ian Devereux 11-2-40 -25-4-20

It is with much sadness that we farewell a truly generous friend and benefactor of Onehunga High School. Dr Ian Devereux was brought up in Central Otago, attended Otago University, where he graduated with a PhD in GeoChemistry.

An outstanding model for success, Dr Devereux was a scientist and an entrepreneur, one of the pioneers of exporting in New Zealand. He founded his company Rocklabs in 1975 determined to be the number 1 supplier of rock testing instruments in the world. His company was hugely successful and in a very unusual move at the time, Dr Devereux decided that all his staff would benefit from the company’s success. He shared the profits equally with every employer from the top of the organisation to the factory floor. This generosity changed the lives of many of his employees. When in 2008 he eventually sold Rocklabs for a substantial sum, true to the magnanimity of the man, he shared this income with family, friends and Rocklabs staff.

Dr Devereux was a quiet, thoughtful, gentle and unassuming man who supported Onehunga High School for many years.The Rocklabs Cup is given at Senior Prizegiving, each year to our top Business student. Students have for many years attended the Rotary Science and Technology Forum, thanks to his generosity. As a long time member of the Onehunga One Tree Hill Rotary, he has supported many charitable causes. His philanthropy serves as an example to us all.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to his wife Rosy, his family and friends.


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