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Date: 28 June 2021



Cultural Council Celebrate Matariki

OHS Cultural Council were important contributors to the Onehunga Community Matariki event last week. The event organised in partnership with the council, onehunga community organisations and the 312 Hub was a successful event especially designed to include the less fortunate in the community in the Matariki celebration.

Matariki, a cluster of 7 stars, reappears in the night sky in mid July and signals the beginning of the Maori New Year. Matariki is all about spending time with friends and family, celebrating new life, making plans for the year ahead, remembering ancestors and farewelling those who have passed.

Held at 77 Selwyn St Onehunga, a 25 minute Art Projection, depicted the essence of Matariki, while there were activities for visitors to enjoy, including Poi making and information on the history of the area.

The Cultural Council’s contribution to the event was invaluable. They served free soup and hot drinks to the homeless and to people in need. Their kindness and empathy shone through in their interactions with the people. They embodied the aroha of Matariki, a time of coming together to share kai. Our rangatahi, voices were heard, their faces seen and their mana felt. Their energy, kindness and enthusiasm was acknowledged by the number of people who offered a koha.

Thank you to those students involved and in particular, Acura Chukau 13Bn and Benji Sanisitou 13Lj for their leadership.


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