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Date: 08 July 2022



Combined Celebration Assembly

The end of term Celebration Assembly was held this week in the gym. This was the first time the whole school was able to be present at an assembly and what a wonderful experience it was. Celebrating the achievements of so many students, singing the school song and watching the entertainment together as one, was very uplifting.

Congratulations to all of those students who were awarded their Loyalty and Courage and Cultural badges. The following students were awarded Gold Loyalty and Courage badges:

Avinesh Singh

Gabriel Taani

Shanley Tuwhangai

Cherise Armstrong-Tuiavii

Luke Grant

Janice Nair

Chris Simanu

Nuku Uasi

Congratulations to the students who were awarded Gold Academic badges:

Laila Fakalata

Kamil Al Zheyrey

‘Uluaki Fulivai Kaivelata

Matthew Harvey

Anusha Maharaj

Amber Tetava-Drury

Natnaree Thammacharee

Linda Uasi

Casey Veamatahau

Ben Webb

It was extremely pleasing to have so many students receive Respect nominations. Year 9 with 23 students nominated was the most impressive year group. Well done Year 9.

Students voted for Teacher of the Term. Congratulations to:

Year 9-  Mr Douglas

Year 10- Ms Goode

Year 11- M Tolentino

Year 12 -Ms Gabriel

Year 13 - Mr Moka

The very talented Euandrei Hynson 12Pi entertained with his Michael Jackson inspired dancing and the popular Dance Battle was won by the exceptionally skilful and spirited Jack Filoa 13Ot.

Prefects ‘Uluaki Fulivai Kaivelata, Olivia Bush, Dana Gasic, Jasmin Son and Margilyn Liu Chan, did an admirable job, as MC’s and speakers.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this celebration. We wish you all a relaxing and safe holiday! Kia haumaru, Kia atawhai .


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