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Posted in General Business Students Attend 'ON Futures in Tech'

Date: 27 May 2019



Business Students Attend 'ON Futures in Tech'

L2 BEE and Level 3 Business students were fortunate to attend a ‘futures in tech’ conference recently.

The conference an official ‘techweek’ event was designed to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Students heard from a number of successful young entrepreneurs who shared their past experiences with us.

Included among them was Maru Nihoniho, who dropped out of school without any qualifications aged 15. Her only interest at this time was gaming. Maru spent her time hanging around the local takeaway joint playing on machines rather than attending school. Years later having to provide for her family, she made the brave decision to turn her passion for gaming into her business. To do this she had to learn how, so she went back to learn and has in fact completed her Masters Degree. Her company ‘Metia Interactive’ develops educative games.

Eteroa Lafaele was a young Samoan woman whose family just wanted her to become a lawyer or a doctor. She spoke to students of her struggle to become a software engineer. At the time there were very few women in the field and no young Samoan women that she knew of. Eteroa was determined however to pursue her dream, attracted by the high salaries and varied work. She is so glad that she was brave enough to follow her dream. She loves the work she does and encouraged everyone to follow their own passion.

Abi Symes, a coach in the Future Leaders Programme, had us in fits of laughter as she described how she had managed as a young gay woman growing up in a very conservative town. Abi in fact had a mental breakdown when she left High School, now she works supporting young people in the community, to use their voice and develop their social entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities. Abi encouraged us all to celebrate diversity, to open ourselves up to the cultures of others, to be accepting of difference and above all to be kind.

Students heard from many, successful young people like these who had shown great Loyalty and Courage on their journeys to success. They reminded us to use technology for good and to remember FAIL is just your First Attempt In Learning.  


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