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Date: 05 August 2019



Business School China Trip 2019

Twenty lucky students, Ms Everett, Ms Wang and Mrs Younger travelled to China during the holidays on a voyage of discovery.

The group visited Shanghai, one of the world's busiest cities and managed not to lose anyone, a great start! They visited various China based NZ companies among them Sanitarium and Zespri. They were fortunate to meet with the NZ Trade Commissioner. It wasn’t all work though; students were amazed by the shopping in The Bund, Nanjing Road and Shanghai Disneyland was a definite favourite.

Next stop,Hangzhou. More businesses to visit, Alibaba being the most impressive; its scale quite extraordinary. More sightseeing, eating, walking and of course shopping!

The High Speed train that rocketed students to Xi’an was in itself a new experience, quite different to our own trains! The famous Terracotta Army (210-209BC) one of the worlds greatest archaeological finds was probably the highlight of Xi'an. Incredible to think that over 2200 years ago the first Emperor of China had this life sized, hand molded, army created. New Zealand's own history is so tiny in comparison.

A trip to China wouldn’t be complete without experiencing ‘The Great Wall’. The wall that we see today was built over 200 years during the Ming Dynasty, and claimed many hundreds of thousands of lives during construction, many of these workers were buried in the wall itself, although thankfully they were not in evidence for our students as they climbed and walked along it. Also in Beijing, China's enormous capital city, students visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. More shopping; the fake markets, a shopping mall  where you could purchase any of the worlds most prestigious brands, floors of shoes, clothing, electronics, perfume and much more where what you pay depends on your haggling skills. More walking, more eating... hope you like dumplings, Peking Duck and more rice!

By unanimous agreement this was a fantastic trip that opened the eyes of students to an entirely different culture and whetted their appetite for future travel experiences.

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