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Posted in General Bryan Joins Spirit of New Zealand

Date: 07 June 2019



Bryan Joins Spirit of New Zealand

Bryan Afu 12Ct was honoured to have been chosen to join the Spirit of New Zealand, a 42.5m, steel hulled, three-masted tall ship on a 10 day adventure.

The ship sailed from Auckland to Goat Island, where students were excited to see the teaming schools of fish in this marine reserve, then it was on to the Bay of Islands and their final destination, the wild and beautiful white sand beaches of Great Barrier Island. Being on the sea and away from the city was a fantastic experience. “Seeing the dolphins play in the bow wake of the ship was incredible”.

There were thirty-eight students selected from throughout New Zealand on the voyage which Bryan described as being ‘life changing.’ Learning to sail the boat, the games and activities are all designed to build confidence, leadership skills, courage and self-esteem. Bryan has always had a fear of heights and so when in the first week he was challenged to climb to the top of the mast, he simply could not do it, getting to the first platform before returning to the safety of the deck. However one week later, with the support and encouragement of his new friends and distracting himself by singing all the way, Bryan was triumphant at the very top of the mast!

Confronting a bully, helping him to understand how his behaviour made Bryan feel and discussing with him why he bullied was another highlight for Bryan. Having the courage to face his tormentor and his ability to help him change the way he thought and behaved mean Bryan has a new friend and feels more confident.

‘’I loved this trip, great food, great company, great experiences. I would recommend it to anyone”.


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