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Date: 05 August 2021



Bp Business Challenge

Year 10 Business students successfully completed the Young Enterprise Bp Business challenge this week.

The Bp business challenge is a two-day practical business experience that involves students forming companies, researching and deciding on a product, writing a business plan and launching their product with a presentation. On the final day of the programme, each team’s business ideas go on display and the team presents to a panel of external business people and are judged against 5 criteria:

  • Presentation and Enthusiasm
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Goals and Sustainability
  • Product Innovation
  • Finances

The teams came up with some great ideas in a very short amount of time. The eventual winners were ‘Crystal Bedding’ Their product was a sustainably produced smart pillow. Bluetooth and wireless could connect to your phone and allow you to select a temperature for your pillow, giving you a comfortable night's sleep. Ten percent of their profits were allocated to support the homeless.

Congratulations to Magdalene Apelu, Anabelle Cait, Alec Insley, Hannah Hamilton-Ralph, Prince Matbagan, Phillip Mercer, John’al Pome’e, Liam Poe-Viviani, Zeek Williams, and Takuma Yabe.

Second place went to the ‘Pearly Whites” team for their smart toothbrush, while “Tangle Teaser” with their smart hair brush, won third place.

Manu Taufa, was given the Hero Award for stepping up to the challenge and showing courage in presenting.

Annabel Kormoczi, won the presenters' Leadership Award.

Riya Shire, won the Judges award for Outstanding presenting and Leadership.

The judges were impressed that students had all come up with a product and presented it in a professional manner in such a short space of time.

Thank you to our Judges, Stephanie Kurtovich, Renee Lee, Erica McQueen, Fata Tuialii and Lee Warn.

Well done to all of the students who completed the challenge.


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