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Date: 16 September 2020



BP Business Challenge 2020

Sixty-two Year10 students have recently competed in a 3 Day Business Challenge, sponsored by BP and facilitated by external providers contracted to the Young Enterprise Trust. This challenge is designed to provide Year 10 students with the opportunity to explore content and skills that they will encounter in life and should they decide to continue with Business next year, they have had a great taste of what to expect. 

Students were put into groups and tasked with coming up with an innovative solution to a problem and then spent two days investigating all aspects of producing and marketing their product. Each group appointed a CEO who delegated individual tasks, managed personnel and co-ordinated their group's presentation. Every member of the group was encouraged to speak at the presentation. It was fascinating to see the progress of students, many of whom began the programme unsure of how they would benefit from the challenge. These initial hesitations were quickly replaced with enthusiasm as they realised that they were largely able to direct their own learning and contribute to their groups success.They soon realised that no matter where they go in the future or what they do, they will all be involved in the business world in some capacity and having an understanding of how business works is very advantageous.

The groups each came up with innovative products, which included; a shower that filters, cleans and recycles water; earrings that double as earphones; an instant hand sanitising machine; a portable car washing machine, that uses no water; a school uniform that has the ability to heat and cool; a solar powered portable fan; a stainless steel bottle that regulates temperature and can be used as a cup. The winning business idea was a smart mirror, which linked to your wardrobe, allowed you to access tutorials on styling,hair and makeup and linked to your favourite clothing websites. Congratulations to CEO Georgia Hay and her team, Marketing Managers Trey Gordon and Eli Sargent, Production Manager, Sadie Woodward, Strategic Managers, Himanshu Ram and Nikhil Narayan and Finance Manager, Stan Foster-Atkins.

Students learnt a lot about team membership and collective responsibility.The judges made particular comment on the exceptional standard of work produced in such a short time. All of the students involved are to be congratulated on successfully completing the challenge.

Special thanks go to our esteemed judges who took time out of their very busy schedules to attend.  Thank you very much:

Anna Dao, CEO Apolinar Group

Cris Peau, National Operations Manager Independent Traffic Control

Danny Vaitohi, ANZ Branch Manager Royal Oak

Jared Percival,  CEO Onform Signs

Rau Tangiiti, CEO  Independent Traffic Control


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